Why Main Street Climate?

Blog—Why Main Street ClimateI was inspired to start this blog and website after applying for the Climate Reality Leadership Corps training taking place July 30-August 1, 2013, in Chicago.

Founder and former Vice President Al Gore, along with his team, has been working to make this the largest training to date. The aim is to gather those interested in or already engaged in the issue of climate change, give them the tools and information to share the reality of the climate crisis, and launch them into a year of volunteer service that includes 10 “Activities” to involve our communities in the conversation on climate change.

I applied to be a climate leader because…

Climate change is not just some twister scouring the landscape in a state you’ve never even visited. Climate change is right here on Main Street. It is in our backyards. It is in our gas tanks and on our kitchen tables, and it needs to be on our minds, on our collective radar, and on our agendas.

We are talking about more than a river that’s run dry half a world away. The people affected by climate change are not just those living in small island nations forced to watch the waters rise, helpless to stop them.

This is an issue for humanity. No race, class, religion or background is exempt from its effects. Some may feel those effects sooner than others. But when we step back and take a look, we’re all already affected. The problem is growing.

Climate change is in my hometown. Climate change is in your hometown, too. Welcome to Main Street Climate.