Resources where we can all learn more about climate change

Need to start with the basics? This is a great place to begin! Thanks to fellow Climate Reality Leadership Corps volunteer Carol LeBlanc for posting this link for the Corps group.

This site is a collaboration among many media voices weighing in on climate news: The Atlantic, Center for Investigative Reporting, The Guardian, Grist, Mother Jones, Slate, Wired, and PBS’s public-affairs show Need To Know. @climatedesk on Twitter

This is the home of former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, a fantastic source of information and inspiration for those wanting to learn more about the issue of climate change and ways they can personally take action in their own lives and communities. Definitely a must-visit.

Organizing for Action

President Barack Obama’s online home for all things related to his three-pronged agenda for Climate Change, Immigration Reform and Gun Violence. Regardless of your stance on the second and third issues, the Climate Change portion is an important read in order to get to know his plans to ensure the United States is leading the charge against climate change.

“Spread truth. Destroy denial.” This companion to the Climate Reality Project gives users clear, scientifically-backed information to share with those still in denial of climate change or those believers who have yet to take action in their communities.